Activist who died in Rome may have claimed Hungary’s justice minister was a lesbian

Gergely Homonnay, a Hungarian opposition activist who died earlier this year, may have been implicated in the Facebook posts threatening to denounce Judit Varga, the justice minister, with a video, Mediaworks, a Hungarian media company reports. The Hungarian investigators also asked the Italian authorities to help them with the investigation.

The death of Homonnay

We reported on the sudden and strange death of Democratic Coalition activist Gergely Homonnay in Rome in January this year. The Hungarian activist feared for his life. He told a friend about his fears shortly before he died on New Year’s Day. Rumors also called him the devil’s advocate.

The writer and activist Homonnay was found dead in Bananon, in a private club in Rome. After toasting the New Year, he reportedly went down to the Turkish bath where only members can enter. He was found by the club owner who said he could not breathe there. At noon, the club owners called an ambulance, but Homonnay could not be saved. He died at 1:17 p.m.

Devil’s advocate?

Devil’s advocate Facebook page published three posts on the Minister of Justice at the end of last December (the last posts on the page since), Index reports. The first message stated that Hungarian Minister of Justice Judit Varga “did not become a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic because she likes girls (too), and there are damning records of that and her role. in the Völner corruption case”.

Reaction to messages

The author of the post then promised to “activate” it and make these recordings public in January. The minister responded by saying that false messages had been published about her and by filing a complaint for defamation.

Mediaworks has now learned that Hungarian investigators believe the posts may have been posted by Homonnay. Investigators have also requested assistance from Italian authorities to determine if Homonnay was behind the posts. They asked them to hand over the computer of the deceased, but the Italian authorities did not comply.

Hommonay’s posts on the case

All we know for sure is that he had been following the Devil’s Advocate vs. Judit Varga battle in late December, as he wrote several articles about it. One of them even reveals that he was accused of being behind the Devil’s Advocate page at the end of December.

One of his posts about it says the following:

“András Hont says I’m devil’s advocate. He wrote this after banning me from his site. Clever… I want to say that I haven’t read the book mentioned in his post, I don’t have any audio recording of Judit Varga. In fact, until the scandal broke in Győr, I didn’t even know who the mayor of Győr was, and since I have no interest in sports, I didn’t even know that Borkai had won the Olympics .

But the post is hateful: already the ‘I’ve always hated him and his cat’ [referring to Homonnay and his cat – ed.] commentators have appeared and are already cursing, but what else do we expect from a former Fidesznyik [Fidesz supporter – ed.] who ends his post by saying that I only have one cat, and that he is not at my house.

I wish András Hont a good and happy life, and stop feeling shitty for having to admire everyone when you show up.


The answer of the Minister of Justice: it is not my identity

Judit Varga said she wanted to send a message by file a complaintbecause she felt that statements about her private life fell into the category of “something a politician shouldn’t have to put up with”.

“I think it was such a boundary because it’s not part of my gender identity that they accuse me of […]. It was just not about my life and I needed to clarify that,” the minister said. Regarding the Völner case, Judit Varga said that she has not been heard in this case since then.

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Laura T. Thrasher