Armed soldiers captured Hungarian journalists in Lviv, Ukraine

In Lviv, Hungarian journalists witnessed first-hand the actions of Ukrainians against unknown intruders. The enemy can attack from anywhere – think the Ukrainians – so the armed reception is no coincidence.

One of the main reasons for the caution of the Ukrainians is that in recent days the defenders have intercepted a number of Russians in civilian clothes infiltrating the Ukrainian population and, as it turned out later, marking targets for artillery Russian.

Three journalists from the Hungarian news portal Blikk were filming a barricade in Lviv when they were surrounded by Ukrainian soldiers with loaded guns. The Ukrainian soldiers ordered them to raise their hands. When they tried to look around, they were immediately told to look only at themselves. After that, a thorough interrogation started in the middle of a square. The tense moment escalated further when an elderly lady shouted at the gunmen, “Do something to them! “.

The armed Ukrainian soldiers checked all the documents of the Hungarian journalists and took photos of them, which they said they passed on to the Ukrainian secret service to verify that they were not infiltrating enemies. Ukrainian defenders held the captured journalists at gunpoint until they were convinced that the unknown civilians were indeed Hungarian journalists.

The enemy can attack from anywhere – the Ukrainians think – so the armed reception was no coincidence.

During background checks, journalists were constantly questioned about what they were doing in Ukraine and why they had come from the Polish border. After an hour and a half, the background check ended. Once the armed soldiers were convinced that the captured civilians were indeed Hungarian journalists, they became friends.

They apologized for the aggressive action, but as they said, there is a war going on in the country and they must act accordingly. It was revealed that

Ukrainian residents are so nervous that they report anything suspicious and the soldiers act immediately.

One of them is a doctor, but now protecting the country is more important than anything else, so he helps the authorities, albeit as a civilian. In the end, Hungarian journalists received useful tips. The Ukrainian soldiers wished them a good trip and thanked them for presenting to Hungary what was happening in their country.

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Fighting intensifies in Ukraine. Russian troops attack from all sides, but the Ukrainian defenders continue to resist. Russia appears to be taking tougher action: On Monday, it launched an artillery attack on neighborhoods in Kharkiv, which claimed the lives of many civilians. A large force was deployed to take the capital, with a huge Russian armored convoy approaching Kiev. As Vladimir Putin steps up the pressure on the battlefield, countries around the world have decided and continue to decide to impose unprecedented sanctions that would devastate the Russian economy. It was under these circumstances that the first formal talks between the Russian and Ukrainian delegations took place, ending, as expected, without a breakthrough, but leaving the door open for another round of talks. On Tuesday, the Russians warned Kyiv residents to take cover as they would launch targeted attacks on the capital. The Kiev TV tower was hit, killing five people. While the Russian offensive in the north has stalled, the invasion force in the south appears to remain strong, with virtually the entire Sea of ​​Azov coastline occupied by Russian forces. The Kreml has announced that it is ready to resume peace talks, the Hungarian news portal reported Wallet.

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Laura T. Thrasher