Brutal: a Hungarian restaurant receives a gas bill of 5,700 euros

It’s no joke: a restaurant in Hungary received a gas bill of 2.3 million HUF (5720 EUR) in August. They are far from the only ones affected by the drastic increase in overheads, unfortunately.

Multi-part gas bill

“Our previous gas bill of 250-300,000 HUF will now be around 2,300,000 HUF!” writes Pizza Monkey from Szeged, attaching the company’s gas bill issued in mid-August. So far their gas bills have been 622 to 746 euros, from now on it will be 5720 euros. The photo shows the money should be paid by Friday.

“☀️🔥 Goodbye summer! Hello autumn! 💰❄️ Our gas supplier unilaterally terminated our contract. Our previous gas bill of 250-300,000 HUF will now be around 2,300,000 HUF! With more than 60 colleagues , we hope for the best! Hold on everyone, it’s going to be a tough time! 🥺 But we have always been, are and will be with you!”

their Facebook post reads.

G7 found several other small businesses that have posted on Facebook in recent days and weeks that they can no longer operate due to rising costs. Among them are a sushi shop in Miskolc, a bakery in Isaszeg, a performance hall in Kiskunhalas, a wine shop in Székesfehérvár and a greengrocer in Dabas. Pizza On top of that, a Budapest pastry shop that has been in operation for 65 years is also forced to close.

Many places are forced to close permanently

Although there are no official figures yet, Facebook, which is also used by many companies as their main marketing tool and communication channel, already offers dozens of posts from Hungarian companies announcing their permanent closure. The companies are generally small family businesses. Pizzerias, libraries, gambling houses, restaurants, convenience stores, wine shops and cafes are definitely closing their doors in this new Hungarian reality.

Companies and municipalities are no longer covered by the cuts at all, and the public is also only partially covered. Consumers have just received their first bills, many with incomprehensible amounts, writes.

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Laura T. Thrasher