Could Ukrainian refugees solve the Hungarian labor shortage?

40,000 jobs should be filled. More than 200,000 Ukrainian refugees have already arrived in our country and several organizations have already offered them jobs.

Are they the solution?

The real question is whether they can provide a solution for the Hungarian economy, which has been struggling with labor shortages for years. According to, the answer is probably no. But their impact on the market in the short and long term was described by the vice-president of communications of the National Association of Hungarian Lenders.

The current figure of 200,000 Ukrainian refugees is expected to increase further. Hungary’s economy, which suffers from a severe labor shortage, welcomes Ukrainians with open arms, but the big question is whether they can solve a problem that has been going on for years.

Government assistance

On this subject, Rajmund Roland Dénes, Vice President of Communications of the National Association of Hungarian Donors, said:

“The government is reacting quickly to help those who apply for asylum status by issuing a government decree to the effect that if someone obtains asylum status, they can now be employed in so-called shortage occupations, either in normal employment, either as a temporary worker without a permit, but the employer has the obligation to inform the immigration authority”,

we can read in item.

At the end of 2021, there were more than 40,000 vacancies in Hungary, which also means that it is in everyone’s interest to help family members and relatives of Ukrainian citizens currently working in Hungary as much as possible, so that they feel safe here, to help them find a job as quickly as possible and to help them participate in the “blood circulation” of the Hungarian economy, explains the expert. He then adds:

During the migration crisis caused by the war, many will prefer to continue their migration westward because of the asylum status offered by the EU. Either because their family works there, or because it will be easier for them to find work there.

Of course, there will also be citizens temporarily in our country or in other Western countries who will apply for asylum status and wait for the end of the war and then return home. Even though they had to leave their homeland and their livelihoods, they are taken home by their hearts to rebuild their livelihoods.

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Laura T. Thrasher