Drastic price increase in all Hungarian baths

According to the Bathing Association, Hungarian baths could be up to 20-25% more expensive. The entrance fee alone costs 1000 forints (2.5 €) more than last year. The reason for the price spike is that municipal businesses have been unable to raise prices for a year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic. The government is now giving permission to do so, which is why everyone is raising prices without exception. The increase is due to soaring energy prices and rising labor costs.

Beach prices are rising

Prices at the thermal baths of Gyula Castle increased last week. The decree that prohibited municipal companies from raising fees for a year and a half due to the coronavirus pandemic expired in June, rtl.hu reports. 95% of spas in Hungary are managed by such companies.

The last time spas raised their prices was two years ago.

However, at that time they increased their costs a lot. In Gyula, the price of an adult day ticket has risen from 2650 to 3200 forints (6.6 to 8 €). This does not include the adventure pool and sauna.

Prices have also increased in the Hungarian capital. A family of 4 can go to Paskál Spa for over 10,000 HUF (25.1€) on weekends. That’s 900 HUF (2.3 €) more than before.

Tickets are 8.7% more expensive in Budapest, while season tickets are 10-14% more expensive.

Historic spas popular with foreigners have seen even bigger price increases. Here the prices are up to 20% higher than before. At Gellért Spa, for example, an adult ticket costs 7,600 forints (€19.1).

Cost increase

Unlike municipal companies, private companies have been allowed to raise prices in the past two years, and they have done so: just like Flux Thermal Spa in Mosonmagyaróvár. “Unfortunately costs are eating away at the spa, we need another 10-15% increase to keep the spa alive,” said Szilvia Husz, Sales Manager.

According to the Bathing Association, there will be no exceptions, as prices will rise everywhere.

“We will see more drastic price increases. So it won’t be 5-10%, but 20-25%, and even more for some ticket types,” said Zoltán Balogh, general secretary of the Hungarian Bath Association.

The reason for this increase is that spa operators have seen their costs increase. Energy prices have increased two to three times. Salary costs have increased, due to the almost 20% increase in the minimum wage this year, index.hu reports. The price of chemicals has also doubled. Some water treatment chemicals are 280% more expensive! This is why the price of open-air baths has risen less, since they do not need to use chemicals.

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Source: index.hu, rtl.hu

Laura T. Thrasher