Embraer begins the integration of the semi-wings of the first Hungarian KC-390 aircraft

Embrace has started the integration of half-wings on the fuselage of the first of two KC-390 Millennium aircraft under development for the Hungarian Defense Forces.

This new advancement in the aircraft’s production process follows the completion of painting work on both half-wings in accordance with Hungarian requirements.

After assembly is complete, the first KC-390 aircraft will undergo its first flight test, which is expected to start from mid-2023.

The delivery of the first aircraft to the Hungarian forces is expected to take place in the second quarter of fiscal year 2024.

Outraged, Embrace plans to hand over the second aircraft to Hungary by the end of 2024, while its production is expected to start in December.

Colonel-in-Chief László Nagy of the Hungarian Defense Forces Command, the Air Force Systems Development Directorate and the Force Planning Directorate said: “We regularly follow the assembly of the first KC-390, and aircraft production is significantly ahead of what was stipulated in the contract compared to the original plans. , progressing better than expected.

“We have also established a good relationship with the Brazilian Air Force, which gives us the opportunity for consultations which can be used extremely effectively by our teams in Hungary.”

Embraer is building the two planes under a contract signed with the Hungarian government in 2020.

Acquisition of two KC-390 multi-mission aircraft is expected to enhance the nation’s ability to perform humanitarian, troop transport, airdrop, paratroop, medical evacuation, and other military operations.

Hungarian KC-390 configuration hardware and communications are compatible with NATO standards. These will be the first two planes to have an intensive care unit (ICU).

In addition, the new aircraft can refuel Hungarian JAS 39 Gripen and similar aircraft through its probe and drug refueling system.

Laura T. Thrasher