EU could abolish new Hungarian fuel sanctions

Petrol retailers say new Hungarian government regulations are unenforceable. International lawyers say it is against EU rules that non-Hungarian citizens cannot buy fuel at a reduced price. Indeed, the law discriminates against EU citizens.

Only Hungarians can buy fuel at a discount

The government decree to end oil tourism was issued shortly before midnight on Thursday, written Cars with foreign license plates will not be allowed to buy gasoline at the reduced price of 480 forints.

From Friday, foreigners will only be able to buy gasoline and diesel at market prices in Hungary.

According to Gábor Egri, president of the Association of Independent Service Stations, the regulation is unenforceable and unusable. “We were shocked to learn that the government decree, which was issued at 11:58 p.m., came into effect two minutes later, at 00:00 a.m. We are now trying to adjust the registers to the market price according to the decree, which means that by default the buyer will have to pay 720 forints for fuel unless he can prove with his registration certificate that the vehicle has Hungarian license plates, in which case they will be charged at the official price of 480 forints This can lead to a lot of disputes and atrocities because if you don’t have the registration document, you have to pay the highest price.

Service stations have three days to adapt to the new regulations.

But the new regulations may not last long.

Is the new rule discriminatory?

It is a fundamental EU rule that any discrimination between consumers is prohibited.

Dual fuel pricing breaks EU discrimination rules.

International lawyer Tamás Lattmann points to a similar German example. The Germans wanted to make German autobahns free for foreign motorists. But European law did not allow it. Dual pricing also raises consumer protection concerns. If the European Commission were to take action against Hungary, the Hungarian government could withdraw the regulation.

Austrian complaints against the settlement

Austrian experts claim that non-Hungarians also suffer from negative price discrimination. Reports that Austrian car clubs complained about Hungary. ARBÖ and ÖAMT also question the legality of the restrictions.

Experts from both organizations believe that even if it is illegal, the investigation could take a long time.

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Laura T. Thrasher