Fuel supply threatened at Hungarian service stations?

The impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine could soon cause serious problems at gas stations. Worrying forecasts call into question whether there will be fuel at Hungarian filling stations by the end of this spring. Let’s see what we can expect.

From Wednesday, the wholesale price of fuel will increase in an unprecedented way

41 gross forints for gasoline and 66 gross forints for diesel for end-users buying from wholesalers.

Thanks to the price cap introduced at the beginning of this year, drivers won’t feel the dramatic increase. They can continue to refuel for a maximum of 480 HUF/litre. Similarly, the government has capped the wholesale price at 480 forints to help gas stations as well.

However, fuel supply difficulties will be further exacerbated by the significant rise in prices. According to an expert, there are no wholesalers who serve Hungarian gas stations with a loss of 80-100 forints per liter. This could lead to a situation so critical that there will be no more fuel in Hungary within a few months.

Delivery is already slower with some merchants,

stock-outs at Hungarian gas stations may therefore become more frequent.

According to the expert, there are two possible solutions to the current situation: either a gradual increase in the official price, or a reduction in retail prices through tax cuts. But sooner or later we will inevitably return to a situation where prices are set by the market – reported the Hungarian news portal Blikk. This would almost certainly mean a gasoline price of around 600 forints per liter.

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According to the expert, the development of the current situation in the coming months also depends on the possibility of concluding the international negotiations on the Iranian nuclear program, because Iran could also provide the raw material for half of the oil exports of Iran. Russia, which would stabilize the markets. .

In addition to all this, the evolution of the forint exchange rate in the coming months is another important factor.

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Source: blikk.hu

Laura T. Thrasher