HBO Max stops producing Hungarian content

Warner Bros. Discovery has confirmed that HBO Max will no longer produce Hungarian content. The decision does not only concern Hungary, but also all Central European and Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland).

More Hungarian Content

As part of the restructuring, some European Originals are coming out of HBO Max globally. Hungarian drama ‘The Informant’ along with ‘Lust’ and ‘Kamikaze’ will all be removed from the video-on-demand service, reports Variety. In addition, the third season of “Golden life” disappears. However, according to Forbes, there is still hope for more Hungarian shows. HBO Max recently announced its first Hungarian-language self-produced reality show. Although its future is still undecided, there is a chance that production will continue.

What could be the reason?

“The Informant” became popular in Hungary fairly quickly. In fact, the streaming service did its best to promote the show. So why this sudden change? New CEO David Zaslav has pledged to cut costs by $3 billion (€2.9 billion) in the first 24 months. The current value of the joint-stock company is more than 34 billion USD (€33.1 billion) with 55 billion USD (€53.6 billion) debt. Therefore, there must be financial reasons behind the decision.

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Hungarian content disappeared without warning

Strangely, without precedent or warning, “The Informant” series disappeared from HBO Max on Wednesday morning. There is no trace left on the Hungarian HBO Max’s Twitter and YouTube pages of the existence of the self-produced series: the streaming service provider has removed all content referring to the show from its platforms. According, they even deleted the Twitter message about the first day of “The Informant”. The whole series disappeared in the blink of an eye. As for Hungarian HBO, this decision also surprised them. They didn’t know in advance that Hungarian HBO would stop producing Hungarian content. It was the Americans’ idea.

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Source: Variety, Forbes, LVH

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