Hungarian dating site penetrates foreign markets

The owners of the largest national dating site Dating Central Europe Zrt. (DACE), CEO Péter Weiler and investor Russmedia Equity Partners, are expanding abroad with the acquisition of Mötesplatsen (“Meeting Place”), a premium dating site based in Sweden and Norway. The company aims to create a European network, and an important step in this direction is to buy platforms like the current one in the future.

By exploiting the Hungarian Randivonal (“Dating Line”) and Mötesplatsen in the European dating market, DACE will now have a presence in six countries, with a consolidated turnover of over 2.5 billion HUF.

According to Péter Weiler, online dating can be divided into two groups: “quick dating” or quick dating apps, such as Tinder, where a user can quickly decide if someone is a good match and swipe right. . Randivonal, on the other hand, is more of a “slow dating” site, which requires a slower and more deliberate approach from the user.

Dating Central Europe Zrt. also took this into account when expanding and researching the Schibsted-owned dating company Mötesplatsen, which is also present in the Swedish and Norwegian markets.

As local heroes, we have taken the punches, we have developed a model that can work in this segment of the dating market in the long term, with demand evolving towards premium services ”,

Weiler said, referring for example to Facebook, which already has its own dating service.

They try to get in touch with as many of these “local heroes” as possible in Europe, because their aim is to create a large network. However, they do not intend to create a common database as their service can operate strongly at the local level, so this will be maintained in the future.

People have a different attitude to online dating. Indeed, they were able to come back to life after quarantine and are less dependent on online solutions. Online dating is never a replacement for offline dating, nor is it intended to replace one, but it makes dating easier and faster.

said Weiler. Last year was a banner year for traffic, and growth continues this year, despite people not having to be in quarantine.

Featured Image via Pixabay

Laura T. Thrasher