Hungarian exports: Which Hungarian manufactured products are in demand?

Hungary is one of the most stable countries in Europe which exports its products to more than 20 countries. The geographical location of this state is an asset for the transport of goods. Its road and rail networks have always proven to be its greatest auxiliaries. In addition, they are in partnership with China Post network to provide professional delivery. Thanks to its strategic position in Europe, Hungary is a commercial hub for many exports, imports and other warehousing activities.

Hungarian manufactured goods are sold not only in Europe but also all over the world. Moreover, Germany and Italy are its most important partners in the development of the economy as well as in international relations. Hungarian trade with EU countries accounts for 79% of total trade. Hungary’s demanding manufactures have been compiled below.

Machinery and transport equipment

Hungarian inventions have acquired their sublime place in the market. The same goes for its machines and other equipment that have made life easier and smoother. They market innovative and high quality machines to meet all the needs of their customers. Whether you want kitchen equipment or mining machinery, Hungary has it all.

In this modern age of technology, every country aims to produce versatile industries to launch heavy-duty transportation tools. Having a well-developed transport strategy, Hungary exchanges its tools to these countries through its developed transfer network.

Consumer goods

Hungarian products are distinguished by their quality standards. They have zero tolerance for substandard goods and services. From furniture to hardware, Hungary carries all kinds of things. Many countries import household appliances, cosmetics, food, shoes and even toys due to their creative presentation.

Products exported include a long list of household and gardening products; textiles; Appliances; toiletries; Health care; skin care; etc These are the most demanded products from Italy, Germany and other European and EU countries. In this way, they do much more than satisfy their customers.

Agricultural production

Hungary’s fertile soil contributes to export activities. Due to its spacious fields, all types of crops are grown, such as wheat, maize, maize, rapeseed and other oilseeds. Cereals and oilseeds, vegetables and fruits, coffee, tea and beverages are in the list of the most exported products nationally.

Agricultural products account for 9% of Hungary’s total exports, according to one estimate. Cereals and cereal products, as well as red meat, especially pork, are the most demanded horticultural products.

In addition, Hungarian agricultural and gardening machinery was also exported for processing, seasoning and drying vegetables. There are other machines for cleaning, storing, mixing and cooling grain and its products.

Chemical products

The Hungarian Chemical Industry Association promotes the interests of international companies. Major companies in petrochemicals, fertilizers, plastics, carbon fibers and paints have partnered with the Chemical Industry Association to provide their global customers with a better and quality experience.

In Europe and Central Asia, these chemicals are in high demand. Some countries are unable to produce these chemicals, so they meet their needs through Hungarian chemicals. They ensure safe packaging to avoid any chemical waste.

steel and iron

Several associations and companies strive to manufacture iron and steel in a variety of sizes, from small volumes to mass production. The export of high and low steel alloy steel, carbon steel and other iron products attracts the attention of global customers.

These high-quality products are most appreciated in the United States and Ukraine, which buy these products the most in Hungary.


Wine represents 30% of all Hungarian exports. Many countries, such as the UK, Germany and Poland, import wine from Hungary.

Laura T. Thrasher