Hungarian government imposes heavy fine on Ryanair

Hungarian Justice Minister Judit Varga has posted a new update on her social media account regarding the dispute over Ryanair’s business practices. The minister wrote that on June 10, the Budapest government office initiated consumer protection proceedings against Ryanair-DAC over the issue of passing on the additional profit tax to consumers.

The Ministry of Justice, as the responsible professional body, followed the investigation, which resulted in the finding of an infringement by the Consumer Authority, because the airline deceived consumers through unfair commercial practices . The fine amounts to 300 million HUF (765,000 EUR).

Photo: FacebookJudit Varga

As the government promised, continues Varga

we will protect the Hungarian people and we will launch a consumer protection investigation in all cases where the additional profit tax is passed on.

Inflation and the economic situation in times of war require that any multinational company making additional profits bear its share of the costs of protecting the public and defending the country! “wrote the minister.

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In Hungary, the law applies to everyone. Any evasion or transfer of additional profits will continue to be punished by consumer protection investigations and fines, Minister Varga concluded.

The budget airline, in a statement sent to Hungary Today, had called the accusations “baseless” and pledged to appeal the fine imposed by the Hungarian Consumer Protection Agency. According to their statement, “no notice of such a fine has yet been received by Ryanair. As the Hungarian government is well aware, EU Regulation 1008/2008 allows all EU airlines to freely set fares airlines for their intra-EU air services, without any interference from national governments or their consumer protection agencies.This EU law prohibits the Hungarian government from introducing retroactive travel taxes while attempting to unlawfully limit the right airlines to pass on these unjustified taxes to passengers. If necessary, Ryanair will appeal this case to the EU courts,” reads the statement issued by Ryanair.

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