Hungarian government issues decree to secure outgoing president’s villa –

The government issued a decree that canceled local laws to allow the development of the 720 square meter estate that outgoing head of state János Áder will receive for his servicetelex reported via

the panoramic villa in the upscale 12th arrondissement of the capital, which is almost complete, will be larger than initially planned according to municipal regulations, thanks to a government decree.

Under the relevant legislation, the former president can ask the state to provide him with “suitable” accommodation.

The 364 square meter house that stood in its place began renovation and extension work last year.

Tinkering with local building regulations by decree, the government added the property to the Normafa Park project, which has already been declared a priority investment for the national economy, although the villa itself is located much further from the city. green space known as Normafa.

“The rules governing the use of real estate by former presidents of the republic have not changed, so at the end of his second term, János Áder will not receive more or less benefits than the first president of the republic , Árpád Göncz,” the president’s office said.

János Áder’s mandate ends on May 9. His successor, former Family Minister Katalin Novák, was elected head of state by the National Assembly on March 10 and will be Hungary’s first female president.

Laura T. Thrasher