Hungarian IT specialist CNW System Integrator Co. joins Certified Moodle Partner Network

Since 1994, CNW System Integrator Co. (CNW) has successfully implemented many medium and large-scale IT projects in public administration and in almost all areas of the private sector in Hungary and Central Europe. As a strong advocate for the benefits of lifelong learning, CNW has advanced specialist services in providing Moodle-based solutions over the past decade, particularly in the online learning sector. company or in the workplace.

CNW CEO István Fekete explains, “In recent years, we have seen a growing interest in corporate e-learning services. This trend has been fueled by the COVID pandemic and the need for organizations to shift to remote working. This has led to an increase in the number of companies using e-learning to train new employees and impart specialist knowledge to them in a cost-effective manner. There are various European Union projects that encourage the development and promotion of e-learning in the business sector. »

CNW is the first Hungarian IT services company to join the Certified Moodle Partner Network.

“In a rapidly changing economy, lifelong learning is the key to success. For us, this is not only a business strategy but also a mission. By joining the Moodle Partner Program we will continue to improve our knowledge and expertise in e-learning, provide better services and help not only other businesses, but also people working in these organizations.

“We believe that our company values ​​align closely with those of Moodle and that a partnership will benefit both Moodle and our company. With this partnership, our objective is twofold. On the one hand, we aim to improve the services we offer with the help of Moodle. On the other hand, we would like to grow our business through this partnership opportunity and find new potential customers locally and in our region. We think it is important to represent Moodle and its services in Hungary and to provide support in Hungarian to the Moodle community,” says Fekete.

CNW offers cloud-based installation packages, support and development services, and helps customers design Moodle sites and create tutorials. The company has developed a test bank application to enhance the experience and simplify the testing process and also has significant experience in different systems integration services including AD, ADFS, SSO integration, Moodle integration with systems access control, unique corporate governance software, HR software. and the integration of the electronic signature.

“It’s great that an organization with CNW’s credentials is joining the network of Certified Moodle Partners and ensuring that Moodle customers in Hungary can access the highest quality Moodle services,” says Juan Lucca Garcia, Commercial Director of Moodle.

While the workplace learning market has grown rapidly in the Hungarian economy, education-based online learning is not as widespread. CNW System Integrator anticipates a shift in adoption because the Hungarian Institute for Educational Research and Development has made interactive and online learning materials available to the industry and the impact of COVID has created a increased appetite for e-learning based solutions.

CNW has completed many successful Moodle-based projects over the past few years, including two flagship projects with Egis Pharmaceuticals PLC (Egis Pharmaceuticals) and Suzuki Corporation.

Egis Pharmaceuticals enlisted the help of CNW to develop an international e-learning platform that would integrate Azure and be available in 12 different countries. CNW set up an e-learning solution for them, provided training, custom development, and provided ongoing support. The main challenge of this project was to set up an active directory and meet their IT needs.

They also developed a site for the Hungarian subsidiary of Suzuki Corporation where technicians could participate in an internal competition. To achieve this, CNW developed a cloud-based Moodle site with a custom reporting system which they now operate and maintain. Established as a pilot project, Suzuki has now started using this solution in other countries.

Other key customers include Goupama, Southern Pest Central Hospital, Díjbeszedő Holding Zrt., Hungarian Red Cross, OTP Bank Plc and SMR Automotive Mirror Technology Hungary

To learn more about CNW System Integrator Co.’s services, visit their partner profile.

Laura T. Thrasher