Hungarian president warns of ‘woke’ culture in California

On Sunday, the President of the Republic of Hungary wished Hungarians in the San Fernando Valley freedom to God, family and life on the last day of her tour of the United States. The tour now continues in the Midwest.

On Sunday, Katalin Novák attended a worship service and fall family festival at the Hungarian Reformed Church in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, which concluded the president’s four-day visit to California.

Addressing the Hungarian community in the San Fernando Valley, Novák cited current challenges of the times, including the Covid-19 pandemic, the Russian-Ukrainian war and its effects, and the energy crisis that Hungary is facing. is confronted.

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President Katalin Novák’s US tour continues

President Katalin Novák's US tour continues

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She also drew attention to the fact that the ideological war is going on alongside all of this: the so-called “woke culture” is everywhere in California and has already infiltrated Hungary; it is present and must be confronted.

In the words of the President:

…instead of the slavery of ideologies that deny God, family and life, we need an affirmative freedom from God, family and life.

She emphasized that she believed this was the freedom the Hungarian people should be able to have.

The Hungarian president said that at the start of her presidency she identified five areas she wanted to focus on. “I want a more beautiful and better life in Hungary,” she said. “I will work for families, for women, for the disadvantaged, for talents and for a smiling Hungary,” she added.

Novák’s tour of the United States continued Monday in Kansas City, where the president cheered on the Hungarian national team, which played against Italy in a Nations League match, with the professional footballer Hungarian Dániel Sallói. Sallói currently plays for Sporting Kansas City and previously played for the Hungarian national team.

The President of the Republic also gave a lecture on Monday at the Benedictine College, a Christian university not far from the city, where she spoke about the protection of human life, support for families and true freedom.

Featured photo via Katalin Novák’s Facebook page

Laura T. Thrasher