Hungarian rock legend: the days of cheap Russian gas are over, saving is vital

Feró Nagy is a famous Hungarian singer and rock musician, nicknamed “the cockroach of the nation”. He is a big supporter of Fidesz and the government. For example, Feró regularly attends the Prime Minister’s year in review. Now he has shared his thoughts on the end of the era of cheap Russian energy and how he would save gas, energy and electricity in the future.

Everyone should save energy

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine began and it became clear that Russia might stop transferring gas to Europe in response to Western sanction, Germany was the first to conclude that the citizens should save energy and gas to maintain a functioning economy despite irregularities in gas delivery. . The Hungarian government and its supporters scoffed at the relevant German ideas and said that the Hungarians should not have followed them because Hungary still had enough energy.

Now, it looks like things have changed in that regard. Like us wrote, the Hungarian government would like to find alternative energy sources since Russian gas will soon become even more expensive. And, of course, they made it clear that people needed to reduce their energy and gas consumption.

This is probably the reason why Metropol, a media close to the government, shared a interview with famed rock singer and Beatrice frontman Feró Nagy on Friday. In the interview, the “nation’s cockroach” explained how he will save energy in the coming months.

It is a Hungarian interest to save energy

He said it would be in both Hungarian and global interests to save energy, not only because it is expensive, but also for consideration of the environment. Wasting leads nowhere, and it is good for humanity if we save energy.

“I think the world is going to fundamentally change. I’m sure I’ll go below our consumption last year. I have already assessed which rooms I will heat and which I will not heat,” he revealed. He added that we could use cheap Russian gas so far, so the issue of heating did not give anyone a headache. “But now we have to learn how to save energy,” he stressed.

Only the rock does not need energy saving

“I think it doesn’t hurt if people give this issue a little thought. You can’t joke with energy, water and electricity. It is high time to learn that everyone must turn off the light when leaving the bath,” he said.

The 76-year-old rock legend plans to renovate his home. “I am now planning where to place the automatic lights. If I enter the room, the light turns on. If I leave, it turns off. That’s all. Of course, it’s different from rock music. I do it with all my energy,” famous group leader Beatrice said with a laugh.

Here is a video of the “end of diet party”: Feró sings with Viktor Orbán

Source: Metropolis

Laura T. Thrasher