Hungarian Vizslas: Facts, Personality, Temperament, Size

Each month we will highlight the different dog breeds in our series, dog breed of the month. Next, we look at intelligent and energetic Hungarian Vizslas. Keep reading for everything you need to know…

“The Hungarian Vizslas can be a wonderful companion for owners who enjoy an active lifestyle,” said Bill Lambert, spokesperson for The dog club, said. “They are a very intellectual and energetic breed, so they need a lot of mental and physical stimulation.”

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Why were Hungarian Vizslas originally bred?

The Hungarian Vizslas are thought to be descended from the hunting dogs used by the Magyars, who settled in Hungary over a thousand years ago. Commonly known as Hungarian Pointers, these loyal and lively puppies were rescued by refugees after nearly disappearing during the war.

Bill tells us: “The Hungarian Vizsla traditionally worked in falconry in the central plains of Hungary, with evidence suggesting that their skills could have been used as early as the 14th century! The breed nearly died out during the World Wars, however, the refugees from Hungary took her dogs with her, which means the breed continues to thrive today.”

Are Hungarian Vizslas good pets?

Yes, Hungarian Vizslas are social and friendly dogs that are known to bond well with their owners. In fact, they often suffer from separation anxiety if left alone because they love human attention so much and have earned the nickname “Velcro dogs” because they like to stay close to their owners.

“With a lively and very affectionate character, Vizslas is a spirited canine companion who loves active play, making him a good option for families with energetic children,” continues Bill. “Due to their diverse physical activity backgrounds, they need plenty of exercise (more than two hours a day), stimulation, and a larger garden and living space.”

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What are the characteristics of Hungarian Vizslas?

According to the Kennel Club, Vizslas tend to be very smart, obedient and affectionate, making it a wonderful companion that can be easily trained in the right environment. On top of that, they have an above average learning ability and a strong desire to be with people.

What canine activities do Hungarian Vizslas excel at?

“The breed’s combination of athleticism and willingness to learn makes them ideal for activities such as agility, field trials and obedience,” Bill said. CL. “Hungarian Vizslas’ natural elegance means they can also excel in the show ring, and the breed won the prestigious ‘Best in Show’ title at Crufts in 2010!”

Hungarian Vizslas are good at:

  • Hunting and field work
  • outdoor adventure
  • odor detection
  • assistance dog
  • In the show ring
  • As a competition dog for agility, obedience or tracking
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    7 Lesser Known Facts About Hungarian Vizslas

    Other things Hungarian Vizsla owners need to know include:

    1. They are born with blue eyes
    2. Their sleek coat is naturally smooth and their nails are short, so they only need grooming once a week.
    3. They are medium sized dogs, usually 57-64cm for males and 53-60cm for females.
    4. They are recognizable by their distinctive red coat
    5. Hungarian Vizslas are incredibly fast, with some studies indicating they can reach up to 40 mph
    6. They are incredibly intelligent puppies
    7. Although bred for hunting, Hungarian Vizslas are incredibly clean dogs.

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