International success: a Hungarian architecture team is the best in the world

A team of Hungarian architects, DVM Group, which today produces some of the best architectural designs in the world, won the grand prize.

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DVM Group won the International Property Awards World Final in the Architectural Visualization category, Forbes the magazine has learned. They have been responsible for several luxury stores on Andrássy Avenue, some buildings in the city center and, most recently, the Szervita Square office building.

As can be read in Forbesarticlethe International Property Awards (IPA) are one of the largest real estate competitions in the world.

DVM has already excelled in the European finals, with three category victories, registering the best performance ever by a Hungarian group in the sector.

The three categories won by DVM Group were architecture, interior design and architectural visualization.

In addition, the professional jury automatically entered DVM into the IPA World Finals. They therefore also participated in the continental competition with their architectural and architectural CGI applications for Szervita Square Building.

Their mission

According to the official website from DVM, it is the most complex construction services group in Hungary. DVM has been a key player in the Hungarian real estate sector since its establishment in 1995. Its portfolio includes architectural design, project management, environmental consultancy, general contracting and construction management.

Their activities are intersectoral. The group undertakes the comprehensive design, development and construction of institutions and offices, as well as commercial, industrial and residential properties, with emphasis on quality of technical content, functionality and aesthetics, as well as ‘a customer-oriented, cost-effective approach.

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The Promenade Gardens. Source:

As Forbes wrote, a year ago, DVM Group created a separate division for its architectural visualization team. As they describe, this field goes well beyond visual design, offering complex solutions even before projects begin that can significantly help in various decision-making processes: from marketing and sales to human resources, including change management or recruitment.

“I’m sure it’s possible to produce a world-class visual product in Hungary, and we’re doing everything we can to make Europe and Asia aware of this. Our ArchViz team sees visualization as an art, and our ever-expanding suite of services now goes far beyond typical visual designs, we can even offer real-time design in the VR space,”

said Tibor Massányi, the company’s head of architectural innovation.

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Source: Forbes,

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