Only Hungarian music will be played in stores for one day in support of Hungarian artists

Nearly a thousand stores, hypermarkets, hotels, but also a few radio stations will only broadcast Hungarian music on May 12. The objective of the program “Music is alive! initiative is to showcase Hungarian artists and their songs.

Organizers Told MTI that May 12 will be Hungarian Popular Music Day, reflecting the difficult situation of the music industry due to the epidemic.

The main organizer, Szabolcs Nagy, contacted backing music providers who agreed to play only Hungarian music for one day. Thanks to this, almost a thousand shops, furniture stores, fast food outlets, hypermarkets, grocery stores and hotels will play Hungarian music only on May 12.

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I was on a Christmas shopping spree in a hypermarket in Pest, and during my stay there I was listening to American pop music of our time,”

reminded Szabolcs Nagy, the main organizer of the event.

I thought Hungarian popular music deserved enough attention to be shown on these channels, like in the shops. So I contacted background music providers and asked them to play only Hungarian music for a day.

Several radio and music stations have joined the initiative, including Manna FM, Spirit FM, Karc FM, Hungarian Catholic Radio, FM103, 8 Rock Radio, Klasszik Rádió, Sláger and Dikh TV. Some platforms also promised to broadcast only Hungarian music all day, while others promised to double the proportion.

Four well-known Hungarian musicians and songwriters are the ambassadors of the initiative, including Norbert Bagossy, singer and guitarist of the Bagossy Brothers Company, Veronika Harcsa, singer and songwriter, Barbara Schoblocher, singer of Blahalouisiana, and Szabolcs Tariska , lyricist.

There was no question of me assuming the duties of ambassador,”

mentioned Norbert Bagossy.

On May 12, we will demonstrate that whatever happens, coronavirus or otherwise, music, Hungarian music, is alive and will live.

You can check out the Facebook event of the initiative here.

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