Opposition slams Orbán government after EU Supreme Court rejects Hungarian rule of law challenge

“Orbán was beaten in the European Court of Justice, but Hungary and the Hungarian people won,” said Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh, after the European Court of Justice ruling dismissed the state challenge of right by Hungary and Poland. The opposition believes that this decision now shows that the EU has the right to punish those who steal EU funds.

In reaction to the decision of the European Union’s highest court, the Hungarian United opposition parties, officially named United for Hungary, issued a statement.

“After today’s ruling by the European Court of Justice, it has become clear that every Hungarian citizen will have to pay a heavy, concrete and monetizable price for the undemocratic functioning of the Orbán government,” the EU alliance said. opposition.

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“We think this makes the stakes of the election even clearer: if Fidesz wins, we [Hungarians] will not have access to the resources that the Hungarian people and the Hungarian economy deserve,” the united opposition added.

Opposition parties have also promised that if they win the next parliamentary elections, “the EU will not have to resort to sanctions against the Hungarian government to protect its own citizens”.

Commenting on Wednesday’s decision, Péter Márki-Zay, the opposition’s co-candidate for prime minister, said on social media:

Viktor Orbán took 600,000 forints out of every Hungarian’s pocket,”

suggesting that Hungary could be denied around 6 trillion forints from the EU’s pandemic recovery fund.

Meanwhile, Democratic Coalition MEP Klára Dobrev believes that “this decision means that the EU has the right to punish those who steal EU funds”.

According to the opposition politician, Viktor Orbán and his party have “failed miserably” because they could not prevent the EU from “protecting taxpayers’ money”.

The decision also shows that the dismantling of the Hungarian rule of law is not compatible with European values, added Klára Dobrev.

Politician DK said what is at stake in the April election in light of the ruling is whether the country can regain its honor and integrity.

Fellow Socialist Party (MSZP) MEP István Ujhelyi also shared his thoughts on the decision:

The Fidesz government is lying when it cites the refugee issue or the enacted homophobic law as the reason for the rule of law procedure – the real reason for the rule of law procedure is only corruption at the level of the state and the significant erosion of the independence of the judiciary. Fidesz is telling a dirty lie when it talks about politically motivated double standards versus objections to the rule of law; like the shoplifter who feels offended when asked to stop at the exit when he has a big-screen color television under his arm. In a good country, a minister of justice would resign immediately and voluntarily, especially after having questioned the decision of the justice which she herself had appealed”,

Ujhelyi said on Facebook.

“Orbán was beaten in the European Court of Justice, but Hungary and the Hungarian people won,” Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh wrote on her social media page. Reacting to the ECJ judgment, she added that if Viktor Orbán remains in power, the Hungarian people and the Hungarian economy will not be able to access the resources they deserve.

In the event of a change of government, Hungary will be led by a government that will put the country back on the democratic, European path and against which it will not be necessary to launch a rule of law procedure.

Anna Donáth, president of Momentum, said on her social media page after the decision that “EU money owed to Hungarians can no longer be spent on enriching the Prime Minister’s family without consequences”.

We need to change governments on April 3 so that we can use EU funds to build a country where everyone thrives, not just privileged members of Fidesz.

“A country that is a Hungary for all of us,” said the president and MEP of Momentum.

Photo presented via Viktor Orbán’s Facebook page

Laura T. Thrasher