Price freeze: several Hungarian gas stations run out of fuel

Supply shortages occurred on Saturday: there were OMV stations in Hungary where not all fuel types were available during the day.

According RTL Hirado, from the beginning of next week, the MOL refinery in Százhalombatta will return to full production capacity. The company did not say whether the closure due to the fire on Tuesday caused difficulties in the maintenance of service stations.

Supply shortages

On Saturday, supply was interrupted at several OMV wells in Budapest, even though the government had already opened reserves for the company. On Friday, Minister Gergely Gulyás said he did not rule out there could be problems, but the country had enough fuel in reserve for months, so Hungarian drivers need not worry.

According to the gas station staff, they waited for the delivery, but it never came.

The government had already opened the reserves for OMV last week, but RTL Hirado still haven’t gotten an answer as to why there isn’t enough fuel everywhere.

More fuel will be consumed

As we can read in the article of, in summer, tourism and agricultural work consume up to 30 to 40% more fuel than at the beginning of the year. This situation is now aggravated by a significant decline in foreign fuel imports.

According holtankoljak.hudrivers should also be prepared: with the start of agricultural work, there is already a wave of farmer buy-outs, so we can expect to see limited quantities at more and more filling stations.

Supply is not 100% guaranteed, but don’t panic

An OMV station in Budapest ran out of more expensive premium petrol on Saturday, while others ran out of petrol at the official price.

“In the current situation, it is not responsible to say that the supply is 100% guaranteed”,

says Gergely Gulyas.

“If necessary, using the strategic reserve, you should not expect a deficit for months, six months, a year”,

he added.

OMV is in a difficult situation as an accident at the Schwechat refinery forced an extended shutdown. Therefore, apart from the released reserves, they can only buy from Mol.

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Laura T. Thrasher