Reader’s quest for Hungarian sausage comes full circle

Last week, when we aired an episode of Ask the Food Writers, we were taken aback by a reader’s quest for Hungarian sausages. We have therefore appealed to readers to help them in this search. And readers have certainly come up with some advice.

As several readers have pointed out, Borchert’s Meat Market in Maplewood makes Hungarian sausages. We also received a tip that Louie’s Finer Meats in Cumberland, Wisconsin, produces excellent Hungarian sausages. So if you’re ever in the area about 40 miles from the Minnesota-Wisconsin border, it might be worth stopping by.

David and Donna Borchert, who have run Borchert’s Meat Market since 2015, have continued to use the original recipes that have been passed down for 40 years from when it was the long-running Richard’s Market and for two years after that, Stokke’s Meat .

They carried on the tradition of making Hungarian, but also Romanian, German, Polish and Swedish sausages.

Hungarian sausages are uncooked and can be found in the freezer section of the market. Hungarian sausages cost $7 a pound and are available as longer coils or shorter brat links.

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For those who have never eaten Hungarian sausages, David Borchert compares them to Italian sausages, but not as spicy. As for how to cook them and what to eat them with, he said it all comes down to preference.

“People cook it in different ways. Some will put it in a slow cooker or roasting pan and put vegetables like potatoes in it,” Borchert said. “I personally like to grill those that come in links and it tastes like a brat.”

Borchert meat market: 1344 Frost Ave, Maplewood; 651-777-9133;

Louie’s Finer Meats: Highway 63 North – 2025 Superior Avenue, Cumberland, Wisconsin; 715-822-4728;

Laura T. Thrasher