Republican anti-tax collusion with the Hungarian government is un-American

Last week, Hungarian officials revealed that they worked with Republican lawmakers in the United States to block the implementation of a global minimum corporate tax. They also revealed that the top Republicans on the House Ways and Means Committee, Representatives Adrian Smith (NE) and Mike Kelly (PA) sent a letter last week thanking the Hungarian government for sabotaging the attempts of the to uphold the agreement, which would allow countries around the world, including the United States, to prevent multinational corporations from avoiding tax by shifting their profits to tax havens.

In response to this shocking news, Morris Pearl, President of Patriotic Millionaires and former CEO of BlackRock, Inc., issued the following statement:

“Republican lawmakers are siding with billionaire donors and corrupt foreign autocrats like Viktor Orbán on the American people. By choosing to sabotage the United States’ ability to effectively tax corporations and conspire with foreign governments, lawmakers working with Hungary have exposed how little they care about their own country.

These lawmakers have chosen to do whatever it takes to keep the rich from paying their fair share, even if protecting the wealth of foreign corporations means undermining the well-being of the United States. It’s only fitting that news of this anti-American behavior broke on Independence Day weekend. They are not patriots. They betrayed their oaths of office, their constituents and their country.

Laura T. Thrasher