Ryanair CEO: Hungarian ministers are like Dumb and Dumber

In early June, the Hungarian government announced that it would impose an excess profit tax on certain sectors of the economy, including airlines. In response, Irish Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary has repeatedly said that “Economy Minister Márton Nagy is an idiot” for wanting to tax something that doesn’t exist. Read below to find out more.

Ryanair CEO insults Hungarian ministers again

According to O’Leary, they have no extra profit, and not much either. On the contrary, Ryanair has made a loss of EUR 1,500,000,000 over the past two years due to closures. The boss of Ryanair has just granted an interview to euro news. In it, he also suggests that Gergely Gulyás, the prime minister’s chief of staff, might try to favor Wizz Air by urging people to choose the Hungarian airline over the Irish one. O’Leary says Wizz Air is more expensive than Ryanair, which is why they are the most popular airline in Hungary.

“These two Hungarian ministers are like Dumb and Dumber in that Jim Carrey movie, if they think people will happily pay the extra tax and choose a more expensive airline overnight,”

said O’Leary.

Euronews also asked him why he talks so much about the tax. He said that “it’s the only way to talk to stupid politicians who want to tax their citizens senselessly. We will always expose and embarrass these politicians as they pass stupid laws and lie to people that they shouldn’t have to pay extra taxes. It’s not until Márton Nagy repeals his imbecile tax that I’ll shut up.

Ryanair urges passengers to file complaints

Ryanair passengers received a letter from the airline, encouraging them to write a letter of protest to Minister Márton Nagy, RTL.hu reports. In a message, Ryanair explains the reasons for this unusual action. The airline says it needs the help of passengers to abolish “this stupid and unfair tax”. At the end, a message template can be generated and sent to [email protected]the address of the Prime Minister’s Office.

The pre-written message, personally addressed to Márton Nagy, in English, will include, among other things:

  • “We Hungarians and our families will now be forced to pay this unjustified tax because of your greed and stupidity.”
  • “I protest against the new “excess profit tax” on loss-making passenger airlines departing from Hungary. No such tax is justified as Ryanair and Wizz Air post record losses.
  • “All you are doing is increasing the cost of air travel for Hungarian passengers, their families and visitors to the country.

Source: euronews.com, rtl.hu

Laura T. Thrasher