Severe shortage of popular Hungarian “Balaton” chocolate bars due to war

Many people have noticed in recent weeks that the popular Hungarian chocolate bars Balaton have disappeared from the shelves of most major grocery chains, Hint reports. Manufacturer Nestlé Hungary Kft. wrote that the production of Balaton and Boci (another Hungarian chocolate brand) products took place in Ukraine, but the Ukrainian-Russian war put the company in “supply difficulties”. As a result, there may indeed be a temporary shortage of certain Balaton products, but they are working full steam ahead to resolve the supply issue.

This article was originally published on our sister site, Ungarn Heute. Translated by Julia Tar.

Although the factory in the city of Lviv in western Ukraine was not attacked, Nestlé decided to close it for reasons of employee safety and extremely limited production, which will affect both the Balaton and Boci wallets. Boci chocolate production has now moved to the Nestlé factory in the Czech Republic, and Balaton bar production has moved to the New Wave portfolio, previously sourced from Poland, until the situation returns to normal.

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The company said production of both wallets has started and the products will soon reach consumers in Hungary. Customers will notice that Balaton Nouvelle Vague lemon yellow has established itself as the dominant color on the shelves, replace the old Balaton Red Bars and the Balaton Blue Milk Chocolate Bar.

The manufacturer now hopes that until consumers find their classic Balaton favorites in Hungarian stores, they will try Balaton New Wave or Balaton Bumm products and hazelnut, raisin and jelly varieties, as well as large bars. Boci.


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