Spend a night in one of these Hungarian castle hotels! How much do they cost?

Spending a night in a castle hotel sounds incredible, but it comes at a cost. A weekend in Hungarian castle hotels can cost the family hundreds of thousands of euros.

As part of the National Castles and Forts Programme, 30 monuments – 18 castles and 12 fortresses – will be renovated. – writes helllovidek.hu. They will not only regain their beauty but also receive new features.

A unique experience for the whole family

The old castles and castle parks become suitable for families to relax and rejuvenate. In addition, parking and accommodation will be made available to visitors. In addition, children’s programs and interactive museum activities will take place. These castles have the power to create jobs and community. In addition, they will strengthen the local economy. Finally, cafes, restaurants and museum shops will serve as tourist attractions.

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Located 20 kilometers from Debrecen, Borostyán Med Hotel is a modern luxury hotel. You can visit the private clinic which offers relaxing treatments. Additionally, there are themed fairy tale rooms designed to keep children entertained.


  • Superior double room for 2 people 44,000 HUF (110.41 EUR)
  • Superior double room for 1 person 32,000 HUF (80.29 EUR)
  • Honeymoon Suite for 2 people HUF 60,000 (150.56 EUR)
  • Junior Suite for 2 people 56,000 HUF (140.52 EUR)

Prices are per night and include VAT. However, the local tourist tax is 400 HUF (10026 EUR)/person/night (from 18 years old), but it is currently suspended. It is also important to mention that pets are not allowed here.


  • Buffet breakfast with unlimited champagne (08:00 – 10:00) – 4500 HUF (11.27 EUR) / person
  • Buffet lunch (12:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.) 4500 HUF (11.27 EUR) / person
  • Buffet dinner (7:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.) 4500 HUF (11.27 EUR) / person

A 15% service charge will be charged for buffet meals.

Prices include:

  • unlimited use of the wellness department
  • indoor pool with drift lane, 4 thermal whirlpools, children’s pool, infrared sauna with salt therapy, 2 Finnish saunas
  • free participation in daily hotel programs
  • unlimited Wi-Fi usage
  • free parking
Borostyan Medhotel

Borostyan Medhotel. Photo: Facebook, Borostyan Medhotel

Borostyan Medhotel

Borostyan Medhotel, swimming pools. Photo: Facebook, Borostyan Medhotel

Unique in the Tokaj wine region, this castle-style estate now houses the charming Castle Hotel. If anyone loves wine this is the perfect place to stay. The 4-star, air-conditioned Castle Hotel Count Degenfeld awaits you with 20 double rooms and one suite.

Accommodation for two nights:

  • with breakfast 285.222 HUF (716.13 EUR)
  • with breakfast and dinner 308.988 HUF (775.81 EUR)
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Gróf DegenfeldWine Estate & Castle Hotel

Gróf Degenfeld Castle Hotel. Photo: Facebook, Gróf Degenfeld Szőlőbirtok és Kastélyszálló / Wine Estate & Castle Hotel

Wine Degenfeld

Wine Degenfeld. Photo: Facebook, Gróf Degenfeld Szőlőbirtok és Kastélyszálló / Wine Estate & Castle Hotel

Simontornya is a quiet little town in Tolna county, near Lake Balaton. A French castle park, vineyards, forests and beautiful landscapes surround the estate. They offer a truly peaceful environment for those seeking relaxation.

For a family of 4, the rates for 2 nights are as follows:

Superior room with 3 beds:

  • room price with breakfast – 109,200 HUF (274.37 EUR)
  • hello summer package – 125,200 HUF (314.59 EUR)
  • conveniently over 50 packages – 131,200 HUF (329.67 EUR)
  • far east adventure package – 131,200 HUF (329.67 EUR)
  • wine and wellness – 137,200 HUF (344.74 EUR)

Double family room:

  • room price with breakfast – 117,200 HUF (294.49 EUR)
  • hello summer package – 135,200 HUF (339.72 EUR)
  • conveniently over 50 packages – 141,200 HUF (354.79 EUR)
  • far east adventure package – 141,200 HUF (354.79 EUR)
  • wine and wellness – 147,200 HUF (369.87 EUR)
Fried Castle Hotel

Hotel du Château de Fried. Photo: Facebook, Fried Kastélyszálló Resort

The castle, now a four-star hotel, was built in 1868 by Levente Podmaniczky. The portico, the main entrance ending in a tympanum, the lysene windows and the vaulted interior all represent the classical style. Regarding accommodation, guests can choose from 4 types of rooms.


  • standard room – 198,700 HUF (499.22 EUR) / person / 4 nights
  • suite – 218,800 HUF (549.72 EUR)/ person / 4 nights
  • attic room – 182,400 HUF (458.27 EUR) / person / 4 nights
  • exterior apartment (minimum 4 adults) – 182,400 HUF (458.27 EUR) / person / 4 nights

In addition to these charges, there may be additional charges. For example, the tourist tax is 510 HUF (1.28 EUR) and for cats and dogs you have to pay an extra 5,000 HUF (12.56 EUR) / night.

Fenyőharaszt Castle Hotel

Fenyőharaszt Castle Hotel. Photo: Facebook, Fenyőharaszt Kastélyszálló

Hotel Fenyőharaszt

Hotel Fenyőharaszt. Photo: Facebook, Fenyőharaszt Kastélyszálló

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