The American animator spoke to George Soros in Hungarian

Fox News host Steve Hilton sent a message to George Soros in Hungarian. On the network’s Next Revolution show, Hilton invited Soros, who supports liberal causes, to Los Angeles.

“Come here to Los Angeles and say this to the families who have lost sons, daughters, fathers, mothers!” That’s what Fox News host Steve Hilton told George Soros on Next Revolution.

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Soros is a household name in American public life. The billionaire businessman recently made headlines for his significant contributions to the election of liberal-minded prosecutors.

Steve Hilton, also of Hungarian descent, became involved with Soros after a recent Wall Street Journal article about Soros. In it, he calls the prosecutors he supports reformers, reports

“Instead of writing articles from the safety of your billion-dollar fortress, listen to what I say from one Hungarian to another Hungarian.” The presenter then turns to Hungarian and calls Soros in Los Angeles.

You can watch the video HERE!

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Laura T. Thrasher