TOP5 of the most successful Hungarian musical hits that conquered the world abroad – VIDEOS

No matter how complex the lyrics, these Hungarian music hits conquered the overseas world with their rhythm and melody.

Rezső Seress: Dark Sunday (Szomorú Vasárnap)

There is a Hungarian song that is known almost all over the world. From Louie Armstrong to Marianne Faithfull, Ray Charles, Frank Sinatra, Björk and Portishead to Sinead O’Connor, almost every star in the world has sung it. This is the “Hungarian Suicide Song”, or Gloomy Sunday, whose original singer may have been world famous, but he stayed in Budapest and continued to lead a modest life.

Like Nullahategy reports, Rezső Seress never learned to write music or play the piano, but he created an atmosphere in smoky, wine-smoking pubs from 6 p.m. until dawn that was a wonder for Hungary and the world. He performed his compositions for forty years for guests in the smoky pub but was never drawn to the success of his hit song overseas. The Hungarian artist received lucrative contracts and was offered a large sum of money to perform at least once in a gala concert at Carnegie Hall. However, Rezső Seress went nowhere, instead he sat at the rickety piano in the Kispipa restaurant every night at six o’clock to entertain the local audience.

Omega: Pearl-Haired Girl (Gyöngyhajú lány)

In addition to their domestic success, the Hungarian Omega’s hit, “The Pearl-Haired Girl” (Gyöngyhajú lány), is also a big hit abroad. The eye-catching hit was even used in an advertisement for an Australian bank in 2021.

Moreover, American rapper Kanye West was also inspired by the Hungarian hit. Unfortunately, however, he did so in a legally questionable way. The American rap star used former Omega hit “Pearl-haired Girl” in his song “New Slaves” in 2013 but without prior agreement with the songwriters. The two parties eventually settled out of court. According to reports, Kanye West eventually paid $100,000 (29 million forints) to the rights holder and authors of the Hungarian hit, reports Blikk.

Lokomotiv GT: Motor City Love (Szolj ram, ha hangosan enekelek)

LGT’s overseas career is still considered a dream come true for any young Hungarian musician. The group gave more than 30 concerts in 25 cities of the United States at the beginning of the Seventies, all with a great interest around their “delicacy” imported from a communist country. Lokomotiv GT’s first and only album in the United States would still be available overseas at ABC record stores. One of their greatest musical hits, “Motor City Love”, is also featured on this album.

Joy: Chiki Chiki Chan Chan (Ciki Ciki Bam Bam)

Hungarian singer Jolly has risen to the top of the Japanese charts with one of his best-known songs. But there was more to come, as the hit became the theme song for the comic book adaptation “Ya Boy Kongming!”. These types of anime are extremely popular in Japan and many other parts of the world.

According to the Hungarian singer, the Japanese publisher approached him to buy the song two years ago. Since then it has been used for the manga series and has become available on multiple platforms. The company plans to translate the song into multiple languages ​​other than Japanese, reported Blikk Ruzs.

Queen: Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt

One of the most memorable concert experiences in Budapest can be attributed to the group Queen, who visited the Hungarian capital in 1986 to give a fantastic show. The unforgettable concert brought together 80,000 people, leaving its mark in the history of Budapest’s greatest concerts. As a sign of respect, the leader of the group, Freddie Mercury, even sang to the audience the Hungarian children’s song “Spring Wind Floods Water” (Tavaszi szél vizet áraszt). One of the most memorable moments, for sure.

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