Unique Hungarian meat products on the European market

A Hungarian farmer can also sell his products abroad.

Dezső Szomor established his farm by first buying animals from the slaughterhouse just before they were killed. In 1993 he won tenders for areas of Kiskunság National Park, where he has been working ever since. – writes hellovidek.hu. For the past 23 years, Szomor has kept only Hungarian animal breeds on his land, such as gray cattle.

The farmer may have 2,500 to 3,000 gray cattle on his land. Ironically, however, the animals have no profitable value alive, so the farmer sells them as meat products.

“It took a decade and a half for the cattle ranching project to finally grow from a hobby to a real business. Until then, the breeding – the annual sale of 20-30 animals from the bull farm established jointly with the Kiskunság National Park – only covered the expenses” – Agrárszektor quoted Dezső Szomor.

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He has high hopes for his business. He wants to crossbreed the breeds so that they produce better quality meat, thus making the meat he sells popular in other European countries as well. Additionally, in order to rebuild the wetland, Szomor and his business partner created a 250 hectare fish lake.

But its main objective remains the breeding of gray cattle.

The ultimate goal of Kiskunság National Park and Hortobágy National Park is to protect animal genetic resources. Besides the Alföld national parks, Hungarian gray cattle are raised in demonstration sites set up for tourism and on pastures in nature reserves. There the animals are kept in the form of pure blood, without crossing them with other breeds. Currently, there are approximately 4,400 registered cows and 320 registered bulls in the country.

Gray cattle is a breed that is currently developing dynamically. Gray cattle were the first officially protected breed of domestic animals in Hungary. Breeding is coordinated by the Hungarian Association of Gray Cattle Breeders (a Magyar Szürke Szarvasmarha Tenyésztők Egyesülete). The breed is also useful for utilizing pasture in poor condition.

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Source: hellovidek.hu, agrarszektor.hu

Laura T. Thrasher