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The government is investing 800 billion forints (2.2 billion euros) in salary increases for civil servants, and tax cuts worth 750 billion forints will help the private sector to raise the minimum wage at the start of 2022, in accordance with the regulations, the government spokesman said. said Sunday.

Alexandra Szentkirályi said in a Facebook video post that financial stability and good economic performance were behind the increases.

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Nurses’ salaries will rise another 21% from January, she said. The rise in doctors’ salaries will also continue, in line with the program launched in 2020 to increase doctors’ salaries by two and a half times on average, she said.

Employees working in the social and cultural sectors, as well as in nurseries, will see a 20% increase, she said.

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Teachers’ salaries will increase by 10%, as will those working in law enforcement, she said. Law enforcement employees will also receive a one-time salary top-up of six months’ salary in February, she added.

The minimum wage and the minimum wage for skilled workers will also increase by 20%, she said.

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Source: MTI

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