Will the Hungarian company Wizz Air fly to the United States?

The CEO of the Hungarian low-cost airline gave an interview to Trend FM and spoke about the company’s plans. József Váradi pointed out that their performance level was 140pc compared to the pre-COVID period. Additionally, their new airline in Malta could start operations in October. He also talked about their plans to enter the 8-hour flight market.

Will Wizz Air fly to New York?

Wizz Air CEO József Váradi said FM trend that the war in Ukraine caused only a temporary decline in the market after the start of Russian aggression. He added that he expected exceptional passenger traffic in the summer. He said their four aircraft stranded in Ukraine are still there and unharmed. “We have three planes in Kyiv and one in Lviv,“He said. He said they couldn’t get them out, but they could fly after some maintenance.”We don’t want to risk anything, so we wait for the right moment,” he said.

Wizz Air lost Ukrainian and Russian markets due to the war, Váradi admitted. However, if things return to normal, they will return to both countries.

Currently, the Hungarian low-cost airline has a fleet of 149 aircraft, mainly Airbus A320s and A321s. However, they would expand that to 300 in some years and 500 long term. In addition, they will buy new types of Airbuses with which they could enter the market for 8-hour flights. The last time there was a direct flight from Budapest to, say, New York, his flight time was 9 hours and 45 minutes, so

Wizz Air may even consider entering the overseas flight market.

In addition, Wizz Air has several bases in Western Europe, including the United Kingdom. For example, on July 2, one can travel from London to New York in just 7 hours and 20 minutes.

Currently they have destinations in 54 countries

Váradi shared more figures regarding the current state of the airline industry. In April 2020, only 3% of the Wizz Air fleet flew. This rate rose to 80 pc in August but fell back to 10 pc in November. In the summer of 2021, 100 pc of the fleet was in operation. This rate rose to 140 pc this spring.

Currently, Wizz Air offers flights to 54 countries.

The CEO criticized European governments for subsidizing domestic airliners during the coronavirus outbreak, while discount airlines received nothing. He argued that, provided an airline needed state support, it did not have a viable business model. Four airliners are now listed on the London Stock Exchange in the “recommended for investment” category. One of them is Wizz Air, he says proudly.

He added that they had no plans to enter the New York or Budapest stock markets. Instead, they would stay in London as it is one of the most investable centers of capital in the industry.

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Source: FM trend

Laura T. Thrasher