Young Hungarians feel poorest and fear ethnic minorities –

Half of young Hungarians cannot afford a TV, according to a recent study. The same study also showed that they fear minorities such as Roma, Muslims, members of the LGBTIQ community and Jews, Telex reported via

The study, carried out by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, assessed the situation of young people aged 15 to 29 in the Visegrad and Baltic countries.

More than half of young Hungarians feel that their family is poor and 52% cannot afford to buy a refrigerator or a television. Of these, 17% think they live in real poverty and cannot even buy clothes or shoes. The other half say these circumstances are not a problem for them, but only 7% could afford a car or a house.

In terms of the economic situation, young Hungarians report the worst financial situation in the Visegrad countries. They are the least satisfied with their life but the most optimistic about the future, Telex reported.

The biggest fears of young Hungarians are intangible: 55% worry about environmental pollution, followed by social injustice (53%) and corruption (51%). These fears are followed by serious illness, unemployment and pandemics, but with a big gap. Only a fifth of the young people questioned fear too many immigrants and refugees.

The survey also measured prejudice: 82% of young Hungarians would be uncomfortable if drug addicts moved to their neighborhood, 45% are also afraid of Roma, 30% of Muslims, 19% of LGBTIQ and 15% Jews.

Ambitions to leave Hungary depend mainly on politics: 36% of opposition supporters would emigrate against only 12% among pro-government youth.

(Vlagyiszlav Makszimov | with telex)

Laura T. Thrasher